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                          MEMBERSHIP FORM


Address (If applicable, include
both street address and P.O. Box)



     City_____________________________ State_____Zip________

           (LCDP does not release email addresses of its members)

* Occupation_________________Employer Name_________________
* Employer Address__________________________________________
                               (*required by law)

Membership Dues are $10 per person per calendar year, January 1 through
December 31. Contribution are
not U.S. Tax deductible.

Your occupation and Employer information are required by State Law if the
total contributions per person including the biennial banquet in June and
other event equals or exceeds $100 in a calendar year.

       $10 ___  $20 ___ $25 ___ $50 ___ $100 ___ Other __________

Please make checks payable to: Leelanau County Democratic Party
     and mail to:  Leelanau County Democratic Party
                          c/o David Jeris, Treasurer
                          P.O. Box 215, Empire, MI  49630


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